Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer Lovin' Day 4: Tears on my Pillow & Daily Challenge

Books Read: 1 & 3/4
Pages Read: 600
Challenges Completed: 2

Today's discussion I'm getting to a little earlier, since I don't know if I will have much time to sit down and type tomorrow. Today's topic is Tears on my Pillow, it's all about sharing the feels.

Share a quote from your current read or Share a book that really pulled on your heart strings.

Today I will be sharing a quote from the book I'm currently reading.

Title: Veil of Pearls 
Author: MaryLu Tyndall
Publisher: Barbour
   "They are not my world. They are an obligation I grow weary of. Besides, they don't have to--."
   She placed a finger on his lips. His breath warmed her skin through her glove, sending a thrill swirling in her belly. She withdrew her finger before the feeling inflamed her hand, her resolve, and caused her to touche his cheek, as she so desperately longed to do. "Thank you for your kind invitation. I truly did enjoy the soiree. Well, the decor and the food at least." She tried to smile, but in light of what she knew she must do, it faltered on her lips.
   Morgan's grin slipped from his face as well, as if he could sense her next words.
From page 91 

I thought this quote was perfect for today's discussion on pulling the heart strings. 

Daily Challenge 4: Book Spine Poetry 
Hosted by Oh, Chrys

I just discovered book spine poetry a few weeks ago and loved it, I'm so glad there is another challenge featuring it!

 Shadow of Night
Gone with the Wind
Day of War
Love Amid the Ashes
Honor's Price

I went a little darker route this time then before, but I love the creativity that it brings. And here is the last and first one I did, it's a little more happy.

 Love's Reckoning
Catching Fire
Cure for the Common Life
Happy, Happy, Happy 

What book has tugged at your heart lately? I would love to see what poetry y'all have come up with!

And, I would also like to say before I close the post, Happy 4th of July! Hope y'all have a wonderful day celebrating!


Jess LiteraryEtc said...

Wow-what a great quote! I like historical fiction and I'm adding this to my TBR list.

I really like both poems! I can see the darkness in the first and how the second reflects a more upbeat tone. I like them both.

Jess @ Literary, etc

anaherareads said...

Aw, that quote! It already has a sense of heart-break and intrigues me.

Loving those poems, the last one gets me with how love just catches fire like that. :)

Book Bunny said...

I like your poems! I though about using Gone with the Wind but it didn't fit to my poem..

Here's mine:

Piper said...

The second one is very positive and I like how you've tied it in with the 'tugged at your heart strings' <3 said...

I usually love dark poetry, but I like both the dark and lighter spine poetry you put together :)

Christine D. said...

Hehe. I love that you had a chilling poem and a happy one. Nice contrast!

Kelly said...

I like your first poem. It's dark and unique! (:

Kelly @ Effortlessly Reading

Kate said...

I thought it was fitting. Veil of Pearls takes place during a period of time I haven't seen a whole lot about, 1811. It's a nice setting.

Thank you. I didn't want to leave it to somber.. :-) Thanks for stopping by!

Kate said...

I had read it earlier, then when I saw today's topic I thought it was great timing. :-)


Kate said...

Thanks. I tried to build the poem around Gone with the Wind. I just love the title.

Thanks for stopping by!

Kate said...

Thanks! That was my hope. I wanted to have just a bit of happiness. :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

Kate said...

Glad you liked them. :-) I thought it would be nice to have a contrast.

Thanks for stopping by!

Kate said...

Thanks, I wanted to try something different. I'm usually lighter, it was fun to do something new.

Thanks for stopping by!

Kate said...

I hoped it tied together ok. :-) I didn't want to leave it too depressing for everyone.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hollie said...

I liked both of your poems, I love the contrast between the two. :)

Belle Read said...

I have Veil of Pearls on my reader. I have to read it! Wonderful poems. The first one is a thinker. Love it!

Kate said...

I just finished Veil of Pearls and it was a great story. I hope you like it as well. :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

Kate said...

Thanks! I was hoping for that. :-)
Thanks for stopping by.

mary-anderingcreatively said...

Hi, I like the second one too. It was inspirational. I love this too because it is so creative. I never thought of doing it before. :)

Kate said...

Thanks! It's fun to see what can be done with books. Love the creativity! :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

Kim said...

Oh, I love your poem! It's so interesting. The second one is cheerful, and I liked that :)

Nicole Hewitt said...

I love how you shared two poems with such different perspectives. This is such a fun challenge!! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my poem!

Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

Sarah said...

I love the mix of books you used in your poems. Very unique!

Kate said...

Thanks. :-) I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks for stopping by.

Kate said...

It is a fun challenge! I'm so glad they included it into the Read-A-Thon.

Thanks for visiting!

Kate said...

And thank you for stopping by.