Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Lovin' Day 6: Hound Dog w/ Challenge

It's Day 6 of Summer Lovin', we are slowly coming to a close now, but that doesn't mean there still isn't some fun topics to discuss.

 Day 6: Hound Dog
Discussion Question: 
 It’s good to be Bad…boys that is!! Tell us which bad boys make your heart go pitter patter in all the wrong right ways!

Well, I'm not into bad boys. But, I tend to like my guys in books to be able to fight! Whether with a gun, sword, or fists. To some that might make them we'll go with that angle!

1. James Alexander Malcolm McKenzie Fraser from Outlander by Diana Gaboldon
Jamie is a man of action. He can fight, he can lead other into battle and he is good at slapping his nephew around when need be. He handles a broad sword with ease and can shoot with the best of them.

And with all of the talk going around, I can see ---> him (Sam Heughan) as Jamie now. Just dye the hair and we're good!

2. Luca Forelli & Marcello Forelli from The River of Time Series by Lisa T. Bergren

We get 2 for 1 here. Both of these guys are handsome, chivalrous and they can handle weapons with ease! Bows and arrows and swords, it's all good!

Daily Challenge:
What fictional character(s) would you have a summer fling with?

My answer would have to answer to the daily discussion! Anyone of those 3 I would be happy with!This would be me.....

 So, which are your favorite fictional guys?


Shannelle C. said...

That minion GIF is so cute! :D I can't identify with those book you've read, but nice pics.

Jenna said...

I love that you put Luca and Marcello on here. They're too of my favorites! I love the river of time series. Love it! *fangirl moment* And I love when I see it on other people's post.

Also, I've not read Outlander, but I need too.

Kate said...

I love the minions. :-) Thanks! I Both are great series. Outlander is fantastic! It is going to be turned into a series on Starz next spring, like Game of Thrones, the guy pictured, is a possible for the lead.

Thanks for stopping by!

Kate said...

They are great guys! It's a fun series! My goodness, I've blown through them. I'm currently reading Bourne & Tributary, I'm so happy that it continues and I can't wait for Deluge!

Outlander is similar in a way...there is time travel. It is different, but I do love it.

Thanks for stopping by!