Review Policy


  • I will review Christian Fiction (Historical, Biblical, Romance), YA (Christian), Kid's Literature (Chapter Books and Picture Books).
  • I will not read any form of erotica. It doesn't matter if it is thought of as soft or hard, I will not read it.
  •  I will gladly participate in Blog Tours.
  • I will read the books in a timely manner (within 30 days) and post my honest and respectful review on my blog and to GoodReads, Amazon, and Christian Book.
  •  I do not use an e-reader, so the books I review are printed and bound.
  • I will rate the books on the scale of 0-5.


I originally started my ratings with only 3 options...Too Read, Maybe, & Not Too Read. I soon realized, that the rating system wasn't enough, so I added on the 0-5 scale, with halves, to make it a little easier to understand.

0 - 2 = Not Too Read
 3  = Maybe
4 - 5 = Too Read

0 = No, just no
1 = It's not the worst, but it's not good
2 = It tried, but it didn't succeed
3 = It was OK, getting closer 
4 = I liked it!
5 = Loved it!! I will re-read it sometime